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LabVIEW example for Counting digital edges using NI USB 5133

I am trying to count the digital finite signal using a 5133 Oscilloscope but having troubles finding examples.  Could someone direct me to some if available?  Count Digital was recommended for DAQ in this forum but not sure how to accomplish this for an Oscilloscope.  I tried finding white papers and tutorials but couldn't find what I needed.  Thanks for any feedback!

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Could you tell us a little more about the signal you want to count edges on? For instance, how many samples do you need to collect, and at what rate?


If you are looking for a hardware based solution, I don't think the 5133 can offer one. However, this VI could be very helpful for doing edge detection in software (after your data has been collected from the scope):

Dale S.
RF Systems Engineer - NI
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