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LabVIEW XNET Programmatically Change Frame ID from DBC

I am hoping there is a way to programmatically change a frames ID in LabVIEW. I have an application that contains multiple of the same device on a CAN network, each with a unique ID. Each device then transmits its CAN messages with an offset in the arbitration IDs based on it's device ID. I would like to use a common DBC for all of them and be able to programmatically adjust all of the frame IDs based on the devices ID. That way I could change the ID in my LabVIEW program, and it would start reading data from the new device. It would also be nice to not have these changes saved to the DBC.


I was playing around with the database pallet in the XNET pallet, but was not able to figure out how to accomplish this. Does anyone have experience with this?

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