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LabVIEW Builds

Regarding Building LabVIEW projects:


Besides the full LabVIEW development IDE and environment, is there a way to build LabVIEW projects without all the extra capabilities that come with the full dev environment IDE?


I'm trying to setup a build agent, and I don't need all the extra stuff.  Think MS Vsual Studio IDE and MSBUILD.  I want just MSBUILD.

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Yes you can build and exe for any program that you develop. You will need the application builder and the runtime engine.

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Thanks Tim!


I neglected to provide the fuller context...


I'd like to use Jenkins and would that require also using the CLI too?

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Some stuff to check out:

I've ask our sales rep about quoting the CI license before and gotten crickets.  I'd be interested to hear if someone else had a better experience.

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