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Converting clock output to PFI output, PXIe-7976R, NI-6585N


I think this is more of a FlexRIO programming question, but I didn't see that category..

I want to convert DDCB_ClockOut to a PFI0_ out.. I can get it to be an input, but always generate compile errors when I want it to be an output.. Removed the code that builds the clock for the DDCB side.


I've included the xilinx logs and the config files provided by NI.. I've modified the config files. (yes, I have the originals).. I think the modifications are obvious.. I didn't make any change to the *.fam file.. 

But, modified the Ni6585BaseS7, Ni6585ConnectorBase, Ni6585Channel, and Ni6585Channel.xml.


I really like to know where I went wrong..



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