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Good afternoon,  


I wanted to know if someone could help me with the following:  


I have created an executable in labview (Application (EXE)) and I wanted that when this executable is started, I first asked for a username and password, and if the entered data is correct, I passed the main program.  


I'm not looking for the way to do that login itself, but rather the way to make it jump just start and if it is correct I pass the program.    


Thanks greetings.

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A quick search returns this thread.


Just do some searching for "LabVIEW splash screen loader" or the like.  That is what you are looking for.  First VI loaded (splash screen) will prompt for the password, then launch your main application if correct.

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The front panel has a property of transparency. You can have your main UI set to 100% transparency at the start, and the user will not see it. Launch a pop up to ask for the password, and if it is correct then set it to 0% transparency. 


When you program closes, you can set it to 100% transparency at the end of the code. Otherwise, you will have to do that manually before building the exe to get the correct visual effect.

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