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Help creating a professional splash screen in LabVIEW

Does anyone have some really nice example code for a splash screen/loader in LabVIEW. I know how to create one with a dialog box and make it modal and put in pics, but I want this to be extremely nice with colors fading as it loads etc... I am an experienced labVIEW programmer just have not done much with visual effects and would appreciate any advice or example code thanks.
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Hi HughQuinn,


I've attached a VI that can give you some hint on loading screen.


Or if you want to use a fading effect, you can use a SubVI to act as a loading screen VI, and control it's transparent property.

Best Regards

Hu Yu
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I have downloaded this utility created by Mark Ridgley. See if it helps.


PS: I have not really use it since I downloaded it. And, I am unable to recall where and when it was downloaded. Therefore, I upload it here instead of giving the link. Please try if it works for you 😉

Ian F
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Hi Hu Yu,


Thank you for your input they werer very helpfuyl. I have a few questions. Why do use a Tab control instead of just decorations or a custom control. Also how do I play around with the transparency to make it look like it is fading in? I can not seem to find it in the property node. 



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A Tab control may contain decorations and other custom controls,  and if you want to hide it or move it some where, you just only need to modify the property of tab control, all items in it will change simutaneously


I've attached a program for you, the Main VI will call the SubVI, and the SubVI will fade away, then return to Main VI, I hope this will help you


Note to modify the VI property of SubVI







Best Regards

Hu Yu
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