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LIN Communication issue with YinLun Pump

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Hello, I am currently facing a LIN communication issue with a pump. The pump in question is a YinLun 180W EP150i pump. (I can provide you with the technical documentation if needed.) I am attempting to communicate in LIN using a very basic program that I had previously tested and it worked with another pump.



Here is what the program looks like; it's just a program where we load the LDF of the pump and then add the data to be written (rotation speed setpoint). However, when I try to do this with the pump, it goes into fault mode (hibernation), which corresponds to maximum speed. This mode is activated when there is no LIN communication. Yet, I load the LDF properly and still execute my program.



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I am using : 

-CDAQ-9189 Chassis 8 Slot,


-TRC-8546 Cable Transceiver

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What do you mean by fault mode?

Is the pump going into the fault mode? Or the LIN interface?

Can you add a XNET Read (State LIN Comm) VI for both sessions?

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Fault mode is like a security mode for the pump which is activated when there is no LIN communication.

What do you mean by adding a XNET Read ? 

what are the sessions ?

I am new at this topic so I dont really understand what u are talkin about

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If you are not familiar with NI-XNET, I recommend you spend some time exploring Getting Started with NI-XNET LabVIEW API


To debug your issue, I suggest that you Log Bus Traffic with NI-XNET Bus Monitor While Running NI-XNET Application. Enabling Bus Error Frames in the Interface and Database Settings might be useful as well.

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