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Is there a way to get a status returned from the Set System Image vi

I am building an application that uses the RT system configuration vi's, and I was wondering if there was a way to get an actual progress status feedback from the set system image vi?  


Or some other method of getting actual feedback?  Right now in my application I open a progress bar window but it doesn't mean anything other than telling the user that the system hasn't crashed as it just cycles back and forth.


I know the RTAD has a status feedback, but it is going WAY deeper than needed and there really isn't a simple way that I have found to pull out the "deploy image" stuff requred and drop it in my application.





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If you want to add a progress bar, there are a couple of example codes for that:


Progress Bar API for LabVIEW


Incorporating the Windows 7 Progress Bar Into LabVIEW


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Puchkov, thank you for those links.  However, the progress bar itself really isn't the issue.  I was wondering if there was a way to use the sysconfig library and get a feedback as to the progress of the image deployment that I could use to update the value of the status bar?  Right now I don't have anything to feed to the progress bar.

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I browsed through all the functions in the Real Time - RT Utilities - System Configuration, and there were no functions to get a status of each of those APIs. These VIs are password-protected, therefore there's no way to include the functionality of a progress bar.

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Yeah, that is what I sort of thought.  Kind of a shame.  Maybe I should put that in as a feature request.


Thanks for your help.

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