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Is it possible to use FPGA to modulate/demodulate LED communication?

Hi all,


I am looking for some technical assistance with a current project I have been tasked with.

The project requires the construction of a working Free Space Optical (FSO) link. Although exact distances have not been stated as yet, it is hoped to achieve a working prototype in the lab and then build from there.


To avoid the need for PCB construction and component soldering i was wondering if it would be possible to use a FPGA to carry out the modulation and demodulation of the light signal at the transmitter and receiver.  A basic block diagram of the idea i have in my head look something like this....



I/O Device (TCP/UDP) >>> FPGA BOARD (To modulate the data and drive a current to the LED) >>> LED ARRAY >>> FRESNEL LENS ------ free space-----


------free space >>> PHOTOSENSOR/PHOTODIODE >>> FPGA BOARD (To de-modulate the light signal) >>> I/O Device (TCP/UDP)




Now i am sure it is probably far more complex than I am making out but this is just an initial idea. Thankfully we have until April to deliver the project so i have plenty of time for learning!!




Any help is massively appreciated!!

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Will need to carefully plan out your signals, but I don't see why this wouldn't work.  I'm not sure about the FPGA recieving TCP/UDP signals.  You will want a digital communication scheme of some sort to help there.  And LEDs tend to want more current than most DIO cards can handle.  So you will likely want a digital buffer of some sort to handle the output current.

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