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Is LabVIEW 2019 for Linux available for download?

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I can't download a Linux version of LabVIEW from It says that "previous versions are available only to customers with an active standard service program (SSP) membership", and clearly marks version 2019 as "previous". Current version seems to be the "2019 Patch", which is a patch for "2019", and won't work without "2019". I didn't try to download Windows version, but looks like it's available.


So, the question. Is that how it should be? Or 2019 installation package for Linux is expected to be available for download?

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Unlike for LabVIEW for Windows which comes with an integrated license manager where you have to enter a valid serial number in order to activate the software, there is no such thing like a license manager for LaabVIEW for Linux and Mac. Accordingly you only get the media when you order it and only can download the installer with a valid registered maintenance contract tied to a serial number that covers the desired platform. Only the last version for Windows is freely downloadable.

Rolf Kalbermatter
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Makes sense.

Thanks for the clarifications!

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Yeah, thanks for the clarification.
So there is now way to get the hand on a LabVIEW for linux student edition?

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I'm not aware of such a thing for the time being. Supposedly NI is working on a LabVIEW Community Edition for Mac and Linux which would be even better than the student edition but there are no set dates for a release.


Other than that your educutional institution might have an educational site license for LabVIEW for one or more of Windows, Mac and Linux platforms and you might be able to use one of these.

Rolf Kalbermatter
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