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Problem in acquiring screenshot from Clipboard

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for an application I need to acquire timed screenshot. I wrote a VI based on the example that I found at this link: the VI is attacched in this post.


The problem is that I have success in triggering the event keybd_event so I have the image in the clipboard (if I copy the image in paint the screenshot is acquired correctly) but when I call the Invoke Node Clipboard->GetImage this returns an empty reference and so I have an error in saving file. It seems that clipboard is empty but it is not true.


Someone could help me? Why do I have this behavior?


Thank you very much. 



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I think the dll and the .NET calls have to run in the UI thread. Go to the VI properties -> Execution and change "Preferred Execution System" to "User Interface"

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It works! Thank you very much for your feedback!

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