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Installing a program witout user interaction



Is it possible to build a installation that runs in the background, means no interaction from the PC user?
The senario is, we got at lot of test PCs at different locations and it would be nice if we could push at new version of a program to the PCs and doing it in the background so the operator don't notice it.


regards Bjarne

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do you want to make a Run-Time installation, or an exe replacement ?

Best Regards,

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I don't have an exact answer, but you can start here:


Lots of links at the bottom of that page that might assist, also.
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Thank you Smiley Very Happy


I have made a program with the AppBuilder(LV2012) and want a silent installation.


The link was helpfull (if I use LV6) but it need an update to include LV2012Smiley Frustrated

I have posted a comment for that.


Regards Bjarne


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Did you try this link off the original page referenced:


It seems to be current.

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Yes I did and I tried it too, but as far as I understand it only works for LV/NI installations. Not the one you make your self.



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I don't have a LV 2012 installation with which to confirm, but it install my 2011 installation package with no issues.  Other than the Windows 7 UAC prompt, it installed with no interaction from me.  This is with a installation package created by me.

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I have tried it again and it seems that something i happening(mouse timeglass is rolling), but it does not install the program:-(

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You can try using the /log switch to generate a log file and see what is going on during installation.  I am assuming this installation works non-silently, correct?

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Sorry for the late reply.

It is working nowSmiley Very Happy



If an old version of the program on the PC, then the first run uninstall the old program.

Then I have to run the command again to install the new version!


How do I avoid to run the installation twice?


thanks in advance


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