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I2C extract script read data error -301705

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Can someone explain to me why I'm getting an error when my I2C reference script enters the second flat sequence in the lower function.  If you look at the attachment I have the error as it is displayed on the screen when I'm in run mode and the arrow is pointing to the function in question.  But if I single step through the flat sequence I don't get the error.


Gary Tyrna

Tahoe RF Semiconductor, Inc.

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Hi Gary,

I wasn't able to find any reference for the error you were receiving, but I was wondering what happens when you just run your VI with highlight execution.  This could help to get an idea of where/why exactly the error is occurring.  Give this a try and let me know what happens.

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Hi Brandon,


THat is the odd thing about this problem which make me think that it could be a race issue.  Whenever I run it in a step through mode I don't get the error but once I have it running normal I'll receive this error.

Now over the weekend I changed that loop so that the test being preformed have been made into there own subVI's and that issue has now gone away.  

I apologize for not getting this answer back to the discussion forum earlier but I could test them until I returned to work.  Now that they run separately in a flat sequence the error has gone.




Gary Tyrna

Tahoe RF Semiconductor, Inc.


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