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I want to create a setting window , and where I can save the values

I want t create a setting   
model in front panel. I want to   
give some numeric value in   
variables , these variables   
should retain that  value .   
when I will use these   
variables later/after some   
days in block diagram they   
should retain these values .

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What have you tried so far?

Can you post your code ?

You may want to explain in more detail, what is your system doing exactly. Your description is  vague


The more information you can give the quicker we can help

Please remember to accept any solutions and give kudos, Thanks

LV 8.6.1, LV2010,LV2011SP1, FPGA, Win7
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Enter the desired number in the variable. Right click the numeric variable and select "Data Operations" --> "Make Current value default"...


Post if this is what you want.



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