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How to set the CameraLink Full configuration for PCIe-1473R board

Hello! I am using the PCIe-1473R board with FPGA to connect a Mikrotron EoSens CL camera. Now the FPGA and Host VIs can do good acquisition under 4-tap 10-bit mode with CameraLink Medium configuration. Then I set the "CL Configuration" and “CL Signal Mapping” nodes to "Full" and "Basler 10-tap" both in FPGA and Host VIs, and the camera is also set to 8-tap 8-bit mode, but the program always feedbacks the hint of failling to initialize acquisition. 


Such a problem never occurs under CameraLink Base/Medium acquisition. Also the Mikrotron camera can work under CameraLink Full and 8-bit 8-tap mode with NI PCIe-1429 board.


Is there any extra configuration for  CameraLink Full acquisition with PCIe-1473R?

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Hi Ryvius,


I believe you are using the example code for the 1473R board within LabVIEW. 8-tap-8-bit mode is a medium camera link acquisition setting.  If you want to acquire in this mode, set the CL DATA to PIXEL VI on the FPGA to 8 Tap 8 bit, Signal Mapping on the RT Host VI to Standard and CL configuration on Read/Write node to Medium.

Luis S
Application Engineer
National Instruments
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Hi, Luis


The 8-tap 8-bit, that's total 64bit mode belongs to the CameraLink Full config. Here is the CameraLink detail from NI website,


Configuration Number of Data Bits Maximum Possible Throughput (MB/s) Number of Cables Required
Base 24 255 1
Medium 48 510 2
Full 64 680 2
Extended-Full 80 850 2

 actually, I've tried the 8-tap 8-bit acquisition under Medium configuration, and only the first 6 taps can be read out for signals, the other 2 taps are always zero. That's why I need to solve acquisition under Full configuration, but unfortunately, only changing the Signal Mapping on the RT Host VI to Standard and CL configuration on Read/Write node to Medium, can't initialize acquisition, so I am puzzled if extra settings are required for CameraLink Full?

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Hi Ryvius, 


There are shipping examples for the 1473R included with LabVIEW found under Help-> Find Examples, and then selecting Hardware Inputs and Outputs -> Vision Acquisition -> Vision-RIO -> NI 1473R. These will provide a starting point for you. Make sure to read the comments within the FPGA and host VI block diagrams since they point out where to configure the camera for base, medium or full mode acquisitions. You may have to modify the code to get it to work with your specific camera. Have you tried using the 10-Tap 8-bit Camera example? 


Something to consider if you are not familiar with LabVIEW FPGA, is that it may be best that you look into a simpler frame grabber, such as the NI-1433/1429 that uses the NI-IMAQ driver rather than having to create your own FPGA bit file. Alternatively, National Instruments does offer training for LabVIEW FPGA, more information can be found at


Luis S
Application Engineer
National Instruments
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