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How to see all LabVIEW build errors instead of just one?

I am building a packed library in LabVIEW, and there have been three build errors already.  I don't know how many are to come because LabVIEW only tells me about one at a time.
So I fix the most recent error, try to build, get told about one more error, and repeat.
Is there a way to get all of the build errors at once so that I can have a better idea of how much work it would take to resolve them?
Build Error.png

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On the advanced page, you can check to "generate a build log". Maybe it will give you more information.

What do you get if you "generate a preview" on the last page?




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Thank you altenbach.  I will try this later when I build the project again.

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Do you have access to VI Analyzer? (It's included in the "Pro" license.)


You can try the build log, but I think the build actually aborts after it hits an error. I don't believe you can get "all errors" because the process stops when the count hits 1. However, if the problems are similar to the one you've shown then I believe running static code analysis (VI Analyzer) on the project should help identify the issues before the build starts.

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