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How to resample an array to the proper timing?

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I have a DAQ which returns the data for each channel as a row vector (1-D array)  The sampling rate is defined by the user, so I know the dt between each data point in the array.  I'm taking 1000 samples at 10KHz.  However, when I plot this array on a waveform chart, the time scale goes from 0 to 1000 (the index of the element) instead of 0 to 0.1 s (time).  I need to get this dt incorporated into the data so when I plot it it displays properly vs time, and thus I can perform an FFT to get frequency content.



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You can use Build Waveform to bundle up your array, the dT time and a T0 time to get a Waveform datatype that contains the timing information.

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Use the Build Waveform to turn your data into waveforms.  One of the inputs is Y (your data), another is dt (time/sample).  You probably don't care about the T0.  You can then take the array of waveforms to the graph and the times will be there for you.

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Got it.  Thanks again guys!

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