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How to load/burst two capture waveforms simultaneously

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I'm trying to load two waveforms on he PXIe-6570 using LabView 2014 SP1. I can load one but when I try to load a second waveform on a different pin, I get the following error,


-1074118601 The waveform to be captured have inconsistent configurations. Ensure that all capture waveforms used in the patterns to be burst have the same configuration.


The Waveform Configuration for each one looks the same as does the period of the waveforms, 1us. The pin is different as required. Once passed this error, I'll attempt to capture the ser_data waveform and display the results in an array.

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Hi Stuart,


I'm currently researching this issue to track down the specific root cause as the error message leaves a bit to be desired here.


Would creating a larger waveform that includes both pin groups in a single larger pin group with defined states for all pins used be an option for you? Or at least as a troubleshooting step?




Duncan Waldrop

Technical Support Engineer

National Instruments 

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Yes, that solved it. I combined the two waveforms into one, put both pins together as a pin group and changed Waveform Type to Parallel. It doesn't work as Serial. Thanks!

See attached powerpoint.

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I have to say this is quite ridiculous. You have to add many more redundant data into one single tdms file.

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