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Limit Check Result.VI not working


I have Sub-VI for showing the limit check result that displays the result after a limit check is performed as 0-PASS, 1-FAIL and 2-MARGIN. I cannot get it to display(report) the correct value. 


Thank you

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You provide insufficient information. Where does C/Matlab fit into all this? Have you contacted the driver mfg.?

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Matlab doesn't fit in anywhere. I'm using labview2013


As you can see the posted screenshots. 

I connect to a R&S FSV40-->recall saved state(with limit lines configured)-->attempting to read limit check result.



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Contact rohde-shwarz, they wrote the VI.

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the most important thing in remote-control: never use continuous measurement mode. Check out our 10 tips/tricks for LV drivers:


You do save/recall, you are in contiunous mode, your program runs faster than your instrument's sweep and therefore you get incorrect limit check result.


After File Recall:

- call Configure with Sweep Mode Continuous=false

- call - this performs the sweep and waits for it to finish

- call LimitCheck


Tip: in the Express VI configurator you can use the Hi-Level Function tab to see and use hi-level function where the desired attribute is used (see the picture in the attachment)


Happy remote-controlling 🙂


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Hi MM_RohdeSchwarz


Thank you for responding to my question.


I have implemented the .VI you listed: 

- call Configure with Sweep Mode Continuous=false

- call - this performs the sweep and waits for it to finish


I still get the same result. please see my attached video.



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Hi jbent,


sorry, I forgot to mention one other thing - you have to tell the analyzer which limit is your Limit1 - that can not be done with the setup file, you have to set it afterwards. Find my working example in the attachment. Let me know if it worked.




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