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How to get image of entire tab control in LabVIEW

When I call the Get Image method with the invoke node, the tabs are missing from the captured image.  

Page 1 Tab.jpg

Is there some other setting or trick to getting the tabs to appear in the Get Image capture? I am using LV2017.

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Try using the FP.Get Image invoke node instead.



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I considered that but I only want the image of the tab control not the entire front panel.

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I don't think there's a trick to get the whole tab just using the builtin method.  But you could use a workaround, maybe.


Put the tab control in a container of some kind (another tab control, a subpanel, or block it off with a couple of splitter bars).  Make the container transparent so it doesn't look weird with the extra border.  Then tell the container to take an image of itself, and all it will see is your tab control.

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In any case, this almost looks like a bug. Did you report it? Did anyone test in newer versions?

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I do not have access to newer versions. It is not clear to me where to report bugs. I have searched and found known bug list for 2017 and it doesn't seem to be listed or for 2018. Doing a search of "how to report bugs" on the NI page search bar yields bogs of unrelated results such as "How to buy..." and every other mention of the words "How to". I would be glad to report it. Can you point me to a link?

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@TeraTech wrote:

It is not clear to me where to report bugs.

If your business depends on it and you have SSP, you can always file a service request. They will evaluate the severity, put it in the bug database with a reference number, and possibly offer a workaround.


However, typically it should be sufficient to post a link to this discussion here in the annual bug thread and it will be seen by NI eventually. In the meantime, forum users can also do some casual testing or search for workarounds.

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Thanks. I posted on the Annual bug thread here:

Re: Annual bug thread for 2021 - Page 2 - NI Community

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