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How to filter multiple signals that are measured by array variable?

Dear everyone.


Hello, I am facing problem for filtering multiple signal at once.


I tried to use butterworth ptbypt filter to filter the signal at real-time using.


The signal I am dealing with is a multiple signal that are measured in an array. Each element of the 1D array is an one signal.


However, butterworth ptbypt does not seem to support the array variable input.


Since I am just beginner, it is little bit hard for me to do it by my on.


May I ask you how can I obtain the desired function?? 


Thank you so much for your help.

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There are two sets of Filter functions -- the Point-by-Point functions (which might not be as appropriate in your case) and the "regular" filter functions, found on the Signal Processing Palette, Filters sub-Palette.


Bob Schor

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