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How to create a square wave with a dynamic frequency



I am new to LabView and am attempting to create a program that takes a varying input voltage. It then uses this input voltage to output a square wave with a varying frequency, but constant amplitude. The goal is to have the program continuously check the input voltage and adjust the frequency in the output signal in response. I am using a BNC-2120 and NI PXI-1033. 


Currently, I am working with these two programs (based on the NI examples) and am hoping to find a way to merge them. Please let me know of any suggestions.




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BNC-2120 is a terminal block and PXI-1033 is a PXI chassis. You are missing the information on the module. Are you using a NI-6xxx or NI-4xxx DAQmx device?

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I am using a NI-6xxx.

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What is the exact model you are using?

If your device supports HTWSP (DAQ Devices with Hardware-Timed Single Point Sampling Mode Support), it provides the smallest latency. See Application Case 1 in NI-DAQmx Hardware-Timed Single Point Lateness Checking

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Apologies, I was misunderstanding the question. 


This is what is installed on the computer. Is this what you were looking for?


Screenshot 2023-03-28 155532.png

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Open NI MAX. Under My System >> Devices and Interfaces, you will see a list of NI devices connected to your PC. Show us what is the exact model of the device.

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Screenshot 2023-03-29 110517.png

These are the models that show up under devices and interfaces. 

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So you've two instruments,

  1. PXI-6534
  2. PXI-6255

Out of these which one does the BNC breakout board connect to?

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It connects to the PXI-6255.

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Let me know if there are suggestions! Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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