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How to close(quit) TI Code Composer Studio with Labview?

Is there any way to actually close Code Composer Studio from Labview? Don't have any problems launching CCS and opening/closing projects, just exiting CCS...
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I don't know this software, so I'll speak in general. How did you manage to manipulate it the way you have? Is it through some speacial interface or with the windows API? I presume you should be able to use the same method to close it. Anyway, here's some code I had to modify only slightly, so I'm posting it. It allows you to simulate a mouse click somewhere on the screen. You can use it to click on the close button (if the program has one) or for a series of clicks. I'm sure there are better ways of doing this through the windows API.

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I am not able to verify this suggestion, but I would assume that you can access CCS through it's ActiveX interface. That way you should be able to remote control the applications and also close it.

Is this the way that you open and close projects within CCS programmatically?
- Philip Courtois, Thinkbot Solutions

Thinkbot Solutions
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Hello, i am trying to simulate the mouse in windows with labview. I was able to control the mouse coordinates, but not the mouse click. Do you know how to simulate a mouse click with labview in windows. Is there an available programme?

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Have you tried using the VI attached to the last post?
It should use Windows API calls both to control the mouse position and to simulate the click. I don't remember offhand which functions I used there, but you can tell by double clicking the Call Library Function nodes.
You can find more info on this in the Microsoft developer network (MSDN).
Search this site for "DLL Tutorial". There should be a few examples of how to use DLLs in LV.

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Hello, the vi is working, but how can i simulate a mouse click. I think that the cell "sim mouse down" is to simulate the mouse click is that right? than it stays pressed for a certain time (i tried with 1000ms) and then it is released in the cell "simulate mouse up".
Problem: the mouse click is not executed, is there a way to do that?

Lab v7.1
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Like I said in the other thread, the Simulate mouse down case calls a windows function called "PostMessage". It posts a mouse down message to a specific window. That means you have to give it the window name. That's what the string control is for. Like I said, for more than this, you will have to look into the mouse functions in MSDN and for DLL tutorials here.
The question should be "do you really need a mouse click"? Many things can be solved without simulating a click.

To learn more about LV, I suggest you start by reading the LabVIEW user manual. Also, try searching this site and google for LabVIEW tutorials. Here is one you can start with and here is another. You can also contact your local NI office and join one of their courses.
In addition, I suggest you read the LabVIEW style guide.

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