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How to build labview executable with all dependencies and libraries contained inside .exe

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I developed an application using several external libraries: JKI JSON string, Datagrid, etc... Under destinations of build properties, I select Main.exe. Under source file settings, I marked everything "Set destinations for all contained items" = Main.exe, "Set destinations for packed and shared libraries" = Main.exe.


However, when the build is finished, I still find that JKI libraries are still in separate folders. There are literally dozens of JKI folders, each one contains 1 or 2 VIs. Also, the same for equipment drivers.


What have I missed and how can I fix this ?

Thank you !

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Accepted by topic author zigbee1

What version of LV are you using?

Make sure that you did not by accident check the checkbox "use LabVIEW 8.x file layout" in your build script.



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Thank you, I had no idea that option was checked and "LabVIEW 8.x file layout" could cause it.

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