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How to access LabVIEW Web Service through HTTPS

Note: You can also refer to the Securing Web Services with SSL Knowledge Base article


Hi all,


I have developed a simple LabVIEW Web Service (a GET API) and published it. By default, the API is accessible through HTTP on port 8080. But I would like to access the API through HTTPS, so I did below actions,

  • Tools -> Options -> Web Server -> 'Configure Web Application Server'
  • Open Web Server Configuration -> Under 'Application Web Server' open Advanced
  • Create a 'Virtual host' -> enable 'SSL' and configure the LabVIEW default certificate file and port '8081'
  • Restart the computer

Now when I try to access the API, it is accessible but not secure. Looks like the digital certificate is not authorized. I am not sure how to authorize it? Open for suggestions.


You can access the API here ""



  • I used '' to get a certificate for my machine 
  • My machine is an AWS EC2 running on the cloud
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I used stunnel for that.


It takes any\all (configurable) ports\connections and changes it from http to https and\or vice versa. It can do the same for FTP, etc.

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Have the same issue with vs. that works perfectly well. The same CA certificate doesn't seem to work for the Web VI on the same page. Any chance to resolve this without a third party tool? 


Any advice would be great, thank you!

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Do you have the CA trust chain for your certificate? You can try adding that to your certificate after the client certificate. I believe there is a way to add CA trust certificates to the CA bundle NI uses but I don't recall where that file is located. Trying to find it now.

Mark Yedinak
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I have to read more about CA trust chains but the certificate seem to work okay on the main site, surprisingly excluding its public IP so use a non secure for now. I tried many different certificates already...

Is it possible to host LV webservices directly on IIS10 just so the functional CA certificate works on the entire service? Tried copying C:\ProgramData\National Instruments\WebServices\aws\Bionichaos to C:\inetpub\wwwroot\Bionichaos_Default Web Server\  but not able to access the webservice on the same domain

LabVIEW Web Services FAQ - NI Is it safe to assume that the contents of this folder would be the same as bionichaos.lvws zip file that I couldn't find?

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



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Just noticed that the SSL certificate is disappearing from http://localhost:3582/web-config/manage-ssl after reboot, any ideas why?


Thank you in advance


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Do you mean this folder? C:\Program Files (x86)\National Instruments\Shared\nicurl

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Or is it \National Instruments\certstore\server_certs

Still trying to find how to add a whole certificate chain

web-config/manage-ssl will only take a single .cer file 



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