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How to Synchronize Start Time in Waveform Graph

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Hello all,

I have just find a solution in the forum to select desired data from a waveform grap with cursors, however, I do not know how to synchronize waveform start time  for the second graph. How can I extract start time from the waveform with index data?

Waveform Graph Data Selection with Cursors.png

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Expand your Get Waveform components node to get the T0 and dt. Multiply you dt by the index (plus 1) and add that value to the T0 and then use that modified T0 in the build waveform where you are currently updateing you reduced Y array.



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Just use the Get Waveform Subset.  It will do everything for you.

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Hello guys, thank you for your responses. However, I think I was not able to explain what exactly I want. I tried to explain what I want on the pic below. How can I find the time of first cursor time value and sync it with the second graph initial x-axis?



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Something like this?  It is a bit crude, but does what I think you are asking for, should be able to use it as a starting point.




The Max-Min is to make sure that the cursor range is always valid.

Jon D
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Thank you Jon D. This is exactly what I am trying to do.

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Excellent, good to hear.

Jon D
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