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How to Store bollean selection values and retrieve them in runtime?

I have an array of bolleans representing a channel of a device. Now , when the user turns on the channel the selected channel array are supposed to be stored. Now when the user selects device 2 (using a ring function) the list refreshes t5he channel names and resets the bollean array to their default values and the new selection values are to be stored. Now if the user wants, he should revert back to device 1 and can review what all channels he had selected for Device 1. How can this functionality be achieved?

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You need to store the boolean array somewhere.  I would likely just use a shift register

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ried using shift register bt when the user enters Device 2 channels and then wants to view device 1 selection the program just freezes. That is why I posted this to bypass shift registers. Is there any other way of doing this?

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