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How to Automize my program?

Lets say there are several for loops and while loops on the block diagram.

Now on the front panel I have to press 3 bottons several time.

What will be your approuch to automize this procedure?


Thanks in advance

I will mark your answers as best answer or helpfull


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Letls assume that your mention of the various loops is irrelevant to the problem and you want to automate the button pressing. Do you want the buttons to actually change, or do you simply want to automate the same procedures? You can write to controls using local variables. I recommend a state machine for the overall design. Can you attach some code so we get a better idea what you want to do?

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press several button three times to do what action?


Given no other information a solution could be to Have one button feed a case structure and in side the case structure initialize several several local variables of the buttons you want to push.




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Please also clarify what you mean by "automize"?


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There are many ways to control multiple parallel loops in LabVIEW.  The best way to "automize" varies depending on your preferred coding style and what your program is designed to do.  Since you're asking this question in such a genral way I would suggest you start studying up on locals, notifiers, queues, action engines and other data transfer methods and decide which one will be most apprpriate to your task.

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