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Digital graph cursor text not visible after build

We are using Labview 2011. Our application has been using digital graphs, with cursor text to define digital transition information since Labview 7.1. We have ported our application to Labview 2011 (and also 8.6.1 in which it works fine). While in the Labview development environment, the cursor text displays correctly. However when we build it, and run the .exe, we cannot see the cursor text. Our debugging efforts have been in vain - the xy locations are correct, but the cursor text is not visible.


We want to standardize our next version software on 2011 (even though the Labview 2011 version is 4x larger and 2.2 x slower than the Labview 7.1 version) because we need x64 support, and want to run in Linux as well. We have spent considerable time trying to find out what is wrong, but the debugging time is very long to go through the thought - build - run cycle.


Any help on why this might be would be gratefully appreciated.


- Bart Schroder, Cleverscope

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Can you please post a screenshot of your code as well as what's happening when you run your code?



Renee M


Applications Engineer

National Instruments




Renée M
Applications Engineer
National Instruments
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