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How i can scale multi objects with the pane?

How i can scale multi objects with pane, with a vertical splitter Bar ?

This is my example:


After that I no longer have the right to do this for other objects.




Thank you .

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I have already seen this solution, but as you can see that they used only one object and in my case there are many objects

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So then make multiple panes, where each object is in a pane.  Working with panes in LabVIEW is a...pain.  But the alternative which is possible, is to trigger an event on each window resize, and then using property nodes reposition, and resize the controls.  This gives you the best flexibility, but obviously is more work.  You can do a lot with panes so I'd suggest looking into some of the well designed UIs that use it, and then if you are certain it won't work for you, go the more manual route with events.


You've probably found the feature in a VI that allows for scaling all front panel objects with the window.  This works okay if you start with your smallest UI, then grow it, and don't shrink smaller than the start (VI settings can set minimum window size) but even this is never perfect.


There was also a presentation given at NI Week on resizing UIs but I can't seem to find the content yet.

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