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How do i send a "Ctrl-C" character to serial port, RS232?

How do i send a "Ctrl-C" character to serial port, RS232?
This is of course an unreadable character i dunno how to send this via RS232!
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Just create a string constant, right-click on it, select '\'Codes Display
and enter \03 (a ^C)

Then use this to send to your RS-232 port using VISA Write or Serial Port
Write; whichever takes your fancy

Good luck

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Thanks Keith Fuller & Ivaylo Iltchev, it worked fine!
Do you have a list containing "all" of the hidden characters? I.e. Ctrl-v, F1 etc.?
Thanks again!
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You need the standard ASCII code table and a keyboard scan code table (for things like F1). I've got a little book called Pocket RCRef that I've had for years but you should be able to find them in numerous places. Try doing a web search. Good luck.
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1 -> Place Text control or Constant
2 -> Right Mouse Click
3 -> '\' Codes display
4 -> Type in control \03
5 -> End 😉
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Other answers are good.
ASCII Tables:

Or search on ascii tables

Hope this helps.
- Dave
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