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How do I get central error notification in one PC from network PCs

We were using labview 2011SP1 in multiple setup, So I want the central system should popup if any error occured in network setups.  Kindly explain me how to pass error message over network.

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Network shared variables.



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All the setup VIs are already created long time back and there is no TCP/IP protocol used in it. So is there any other method (like may be from NI Spy) to read back the error message in Central PC?

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So you want to add functionality to programs you wrote, that never intended to have them, and don't want to change those programs to add it?


That kind of narrows things down, and was probably worth mentioning in our original post.


You might be able to use VI server calls from your new central app to connect to the other VI's and try to read control values.  I don't know how difficult that would be.


I'd recommend changing your existing programs to add the functionality.

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