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How do I create an alarm indicator with boolean control?

I'm trying to create an alarm with a boolean indicator. I don't know how to hide the text when the condition is false.

I'd like to be able to have information that appears at a specific moment of my programme. For exemple, to a message that say that the programm is waiting a confirmation to continue running.

Thank you
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Have you tried under Functions->Time & Dialog->One Button Dialog? This is a wonderful way of pausing until a user presses a button.

If you wanted, you could use a textbox and just wire a string to it. Then clear it (or hide it using a property node) when done.

If you want to use a boolean indicator, there is a property (in the property node) called "Strings". This is a 1D array of strings for False, True, Transition True->False and Transition False->True. You can programmatically change the strings.

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Just use the Boolean Text Visible property or a separate text indicator and wire it's Visible property to the alarm.
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