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How can i deal with XNET Write and Read without loop?

Somehow I'm missing a start here, but after looking at the examples, im not so sure.


But anyway here is how I setup the XNET in my programs:


XNET init.png


(This is part of a class, and currently taken from a build .lvlibp.)

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Are you using an XNET database? How is your frame configured?

Also, is your payload appropriately configured?

From the XNET help:

For a transmitted remote frame (CAN Remote type), the payload length in the frame value specifies the number of payload bytes requested. Your application provides this payload length by filling payload with the requested number of bytes. This enables your application to specify the frame payload length, but the actual values in the payload bytes are ignored (not contained in the transmitted frame).


Also, are you sure you're not supposed to be doing this all in an input session?

Also from the XNET Help:

Additionally, the XNET Write (Frame CAN) VI can be called on any signal or frame input session if it contains one or more Event Remote frames (refer to CAN:Timing Type). In this case, it signals an event to transmit those remote frames. The data parameter is ignored in this case, and you can set it to an empty array.

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As you see, my frame is remote frame with 11bits ID, and doesn't have payload.

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Sorry, I don't use Remote Frames so I may be misunderstanding.

Don't they require a payload? I thought the idea was that the Remote ID is sent across and then the ECU fills in the payload.

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no, for my application this frame doesn't need payload.. Thx


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