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New to FPGA & Motion


I am trying to make a step motor rotate for a short period of time by using a NI 9147 with a NI 9503.

I have the FPGA module & the SoftMotion


So If you have any clue how I should begin or if somewhere on the internet a program close to mine exist, I would really love it,



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There are plenty of LabVIEW examples and templates. Here's a link to some specific to RT and FPGA.


If you're unfamiliar with basic LabVIEW programs, you should check out these:

NI Learning Center

NI Getting Started

-Hardware Basics

-MyRIO Project Essentials Guide (lots of good simple circuits with links to youtube demonstrations)

-LabVEW Basics

-DAQ Application Tutorials

-cRIO Developer's Guide

Learn NI Training Resource Videos

3 Hour LabVIEW Introduction

6 Hour LabVIEW Introduction
Self Paced training for students
Self Paced training beginner to advanced, SSP Required
LabVIEW Wiki on Training


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Hi James,


Thank you,


I have completed the first labview course and the 9 hours long, but never touched FPGA. That's why I am asking that ! 





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Check out the examples from the first link. FPGA is pretty straightforward, you just have a smaller palette and you need to learn to work with a set data size (pre-determined array sizes, FXP instead of DBL, etc). Hopefully you have access to the FPGA Compile Farm, because it's hella slow to compile on a single computer.


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The 9503 requires SoftMotion 2014 or later. In SoftMotion 2014, there are a handful of 9503 examples in the example finder that you can use. In SoftMotion 2014 SP1 and SoftMotion 2015, we changed the examples into sample projects, so you should see 9503 sample projects when you create a new project.

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I will begin with that, 


I have one issue called Error Code 63040. I know it's a general connection problem and I have re-install via the wizard everything i could install. 


The problem still persist so I am joigning screenshot of my current system, 



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Take a look at the discussion at this link:


It sounds like the IP settings in your LabVIEW project might be the issue.

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Hmmm the NI Max give me a IP adress but i don't think it's a good one,

I have tryed with that Ip inside the explorer, still doesn't work. 


I think I should be able to change it with the tool but bc mine is offline, that doesn't work,



P. S : Added the pic for a better understanding. 

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What explorer are you referring to?

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Projet Explorer


But I am using a CRIO-9068 target and I don't know what target should i put for my system or where I could check it %?

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