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How can i add a flash animation to labview

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Im a newbie to using labview 7.1.

Im creating something for my final year project. One of my problems is trying to add a flash animation( or any other type of animation) to play in a box of its own. Its being used to teach the user watching. The VI will also have other features using the tanks, but ill tackle that problem when i get to it.


Can anyone advise on the best option ( so i can create my animation on something) so that the system will work efficiently.



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This may not be the best method, but it can help to get you started! 


Try looking at the .vi at called HTML Document That VI will allow you to access html files. 


In that VI there is a control called URL. Use that control to point the VI to your SWF file and you should be viewing your SWF file in a container on the front panel of the VI. To point the VI to your file use something like this:


 file:///c:/path/to/your/file if the file is on your local machine. otherwise, just use the url of where the swf file lives.


hope this helps!

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thank you soo much!

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