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Application occasionally crashes

My application occasionally crashed in Win7 and LV8.5.  Does the attached error messages identify the problem?

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Have you tried it with a version of LabVIEW that is actually supported under win 7?

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You are kidding!  I was told that it was compatible!  I assume that the current version IS compatible?  OMG!

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Who told you 8.5 was compatible? Could not have been anyone from NI.


Though 8.5 is not officially supported on Windows 7, and it could be the cause of your crashes, it's also possible that it's something else. You seem to be doing something that is hardware-related, so the problem may actually be there. Do you have another machine that you can try this on?

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Here is a Windows and LabVIEW compatibility table for your reference.



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Does this CFSG use any drivers? Are they W7 compatible?

(Also, it'd be alot better if you saved the screen dumps as .png and posted them directly)



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