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How New Labview Developers advertise???

Greetings, I'm fairly new to Labview, I got introduced to Labview thru a company I used to work for, but with only (Basic I and Basic II) training. now I'm only doing little programs for my own practice, but it looks like I'm falling in love with this Labview (mostly data aquisition and instrument control).
but now I want to do it as an independent developer, so
(A) How far can I go with only Basic training?
(B) What's good to learn to get a good start as an independent developer?
(C) Where and how do independent developers advertise?

Thanks for your help.
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Most independent developers are members of NI's Alliance program. Go to for more details. IMHO, a LabVIEW consultant should have a bit more experience than a couple of little programs. You'll have to convince any prospective client why he should use you and not a competitor. Experience will also give you the ability to judge how long any particular job might take. This is critical in determining how much you will charge and when the job can be delivered. My recomendation would be to first find a job as a LabVIEW programmer and become an expert in one or two areas (such as daq). In the meantime, also do some research on running a small business (you'll have to be your own accountant, salesma
n, etc.), get to know your local NI sales engineer, and research your local market to determine the need for consultants. Good luck.
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Thank you very much for your valuable advice, I will defininatily consider it, and thanks for taking the time.
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