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Help with TCP connection

Hi all,

This is my first post to the community and I am very confused. I am trying to use Labview to connect and read from a server with an ip address When I use windows powershell I utilize the program ncat.exe and enter into connect mode, so in powershell I input .\ncat.exe 12345 At that point the powershell starts listening to port 12345 at that IP and outputs the expected return code, which is a line that reads Time-Stamp, detector 1, detector 2... and broadcasts an single line every cycle of the machine. When I attempt to use LabVIEW TCP Open Connection and TCP read it appears as though nothing is broadcast from that port. If I use the exec command I get an error saying 2 reasons 1. LabVIEW memory is full or 2. No GPIB Listener. Please help

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Error 2 is a weird error to get if that's really the error number.  


TCP problems usually result in error 1 (bad/dead reference) or errors 56 through 66 (assorted connection problems).


Please post your code so we can have a better idea of what you are doing.

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