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use GPIB to 9010 Temperature Controller Delta Design

I need to communicate with 9010 temperature controller of Delta Design Temperature Chamber using NI STS and GPIB-USB-HS.

I cannot find the intsrument in NI Max. It may have to do with the drivers since these delta design chambers are already very old. The current driver versions I am using are NI-488.2 and NI-VISA 15.5. I am using GPIB for this one instrument only. The GPIB address of the temperature controller is 27. So, do I need to change the primary address to 27 as well in NI Max?

Also, do you know:

1. what version of driver for 488?
2. what version of driver for VISA (I will use labview 2013 to program)?

3. what are other things to consider?


I already did the methods recommended here:

nothing works or I might have done something wrong. Please advice on what to do.


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If you can't even get the instrument to show up in NI-MAX at all, that does mean there's a pretty good chance the instrument itself is at fault.  If it shows up in the list but doesn't communicate that's one thing, but if it doesn't even show on the list there's not a lot of hope.


Do you have any other hardware on hand you can try out to narrow down the problem?


  • Any other GPIB devices you can try out just to see if they show on your adapter?
  • Any other PCs with GPIB you can hook up to see if they can see it?
  • Any other adapters to try?
  • If you're using extensions or jumpers of any kind, can you replace or bypass them?


Your drivers versions are almost certainly not a problem when paired with your LabVIEW version, but what OS are you on?  2013 was Windows 7-era, so if you're using 10 or especially 11 you may have problems related to OS compatibility, though it's not super likely.

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