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Help. The Vi not executable. Thanks

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(1) I can run this vi individual without any problem.

(2) after I build test sequence, it can not run.

(3) I checked all the vi at 2013 version.

Thanks for help.

see attached files.


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Can you explain clearly which is your main vi and which vi has the problem and what your application does?

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 (1) IRobot test engine is main vi

(2) Initailize DAQ_CMD_PERBR is try init the DAQ.

this vi is running fine when I run it individual.

but after build , it can not run .

Thanks for help.



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Did you build and run an installer to install the needed runtime drivers?

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 do you mean 2013 labview runtime engine ?

 I have development 2013 labview version.

it should not need run time engine, is it right?



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So you can run the VIs, what do you mean then by "after I build test sequence, it can not run." or "but after build , it can not run"

You are making them into an executable and then they can't run in your development machine, is that right?

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If this is the case you may be missing adding the dynamic VIs dependencies when building the executable:



Do you call any VI dynamically? Are you using any toolkit/module?

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Accepted by topic author zy6

Hi zy6,


the error message says: " is not executable when you try to open its VI reference in"…


This DAQ_CMD_PERBR contains a lot DAQAssistent calls: I "heard" that they have a tendency to get broken in executables.

Replace those DAQAssistent calls by plain DAQmx function calls and see, how far you get!


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