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HTML convert to csv or pdf

Hello everyone, is there a vi that can select from the directory path and convert the html file to the desired file format? Or how should I do it?

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You are talking about three completely different file formats, each with a very different purpose and there is obviously no such tool. You can write your own if you can make a lot of assumptions about the content.


HTML: a markup language for web pages

csv: a plain text file describing a table where rows are delimited by linefeeds and columns by commas.

pdf: A proprietary page description language for portable documents.


What does your HTML file represent?

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I used to have a requirement for that sort of function in my testhouse days.
As the CSV format was consistent is was pretty easy to reverse engineer the results file into the raw data and then produce an HTML (or PDF).
never really bothered much with the PDFs though as the best way for those was to use the report Gen toolkit and no one wanted to pay for an office license on a test station! - they always just used the HTML  preview and the CSV for data anaylsis.

I'm assuming you've got the same sort of requirement I did.
- step 1 is to get the data back to a common result format first.
- step 2 is regenerate the other file type from the common format.


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