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Memory is full

I have a labview application that tests some modbus devices. My application works ok. The modbus device has many channels and many tests are there. But when we were testing we came across one of the cards where there is no modbus connection, hence writing and reading is not possible from this. Because of this an error is generated on each channel in the background which the user cannot see. The program keeps testing each channel and every time the modbus error is generated in the back. But I want the application to completely test every channel. But half way through the application crashes saying memory is full. How can I solve this problem. Thank you.

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The R/W error may be related to the memory problem, but probably not directly.

Try at least to locate where the program stops because those info are too poor to allow any hypotesis.

Upload your program giving a better description.

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Hi Godvinsankar,

I've seen that before when I was testing a modbus setup testing multiple (8+) DUTs in parallel over multiple modbus devices.
I think I tried disabling the test socket that failed, but it still caused a failure on the other test sockets.
The solution was to catch the error and and abort testing on all tests. Restart the non-failed units from where I'd started and tray again.
I think it was an issue with the DLL getting corrupted.
I think all the DLL instances need to be unloaded before you can continue.

(Test #1 was always check for connection) then continue from there.


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