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Graph flip 180 degrees

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Hi Guys, 


recently i was working on my VI, which is reading data from sensor sheet, everything is working properly with me but i found a problem with my graph, that is required a 180 degree flip. 


for example, if i'm placing an object over the sensor sheet in the bottom right corner, the data displayed over the graph in the top right corner. 


i tried to swap the x axis but i figured out that it doesn't change anything from what i want. 


any suggesting how can i solve this problem. !!!


also another problem:

my VI is simple and as i'm reading data from Arduino UNO, i deleted anything could cause me a memory leak to avoid breaking down the system. 

however, when i'm applying a big force over my sensor sheet, my computer is shutting down to save itself. i looked to my VI several times and i haven't found any problem, even when i'm highlighting the code. also i'm  using a 50 Kohm resistor in my PCB


i was thinking if the read count of the Visa read could cause this error. as i declared my read byte count to be a static number of 1000. 


am i thinking in the right way. 



please check the snippet attachment for my code and the output data in my graph. 

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Accepted by N.Ghrayeb

Flipping 180 deg. is simply a matter of flipping the X and the Y axes.


To flip an axis while editing, simply type the axis min. in the max. value. You can also set it with a scale property, but that is a bit trickier.


Rotating 90 deg. or 270 deg. of a normal graph or chart is a problem. Give Kudo's to this idea, and some day it may happen. For now, the only option is to use an XY graph, and fill the Y values with X coordinates and visa versa.


I'd think you are talking about an intensity graph. That one has an option "transpose array" that will flip the data 90 deg. By flipping both axis, this enables all rotation angles. You can also transpose the array (with Tranpose 2D Array function) before setting it to the graph.


Maybe best to post the other problem in a post of it's own? I've seen pass before as an OT (off topic) problem. If the title of the post has nothing to do with it, it won't ring any bells. The intentions might be good, but adding OT problems to posts just confuses the thread. It will also be impossible for others (people knowing the answer and looking for a solution) to find the thread...

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hi  wiebe@CARYA 


Flipping 180 deg. is simply a matter of flipping the X and the Y axes.


that solved my problem. 


i already did the transpose 2D array, it was just the idea of right coordination. 



thanks for your advice. 




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