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Google Earth With LabVIEW 8.0?

Hi everybody,


I am currently working on a project in which I would like to visualize a google earth position in Labview. To do that, I use the library Google_earth_KH-80.ddl. My problem is that the VI launch the google earth view in another window, I would like to see this window directly in the front panel of Labview. I think I must use an ActiveX tool of Labview but I am not sure. Someone can help me?



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hi everybody..


I am involved in a project the results of which i have to represent as placemarks in google earth. I have created the kml files necessary. I am trying to do it using the IApplicationGE class of the Google earth application interface. However everytime i try to create a reference, i get error 97. What is the correct way to create a reference.




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