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Google Earth With LabVIEW 8.0?

Hi Maze,

Sorry here you go. In the Write KML file there is a multiplier option, this is a multiplier for the height of the track, please male sure this is set to something other than 1, I would suggest a value of 10.

NIUK and Ireland

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Has anyone generated custom pins or generated shapes in LV generated KML?
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Could someone please save these .vis for LabView 7.1? I neither have LabView 8.0 nor 8.2 and this program is exactly what I'm looking for right now.

Thanks in advance.
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Maybe I should make myself clear. I need Google_Earth-KH_80.llb for 7.1 or does it have any requirements that only versions >=8.0 can fulfill? I've already written the program to catch data from a GPS device via the NMEA protocol myself before I discovered this thread but also want to export KML files. It would save me some work if you provided the for LabView 7.1.

Besides: I saw that TerraView uses black and white pictures from Google Earth. Do you know if color pictures are also available?

Thank you
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Hi Phillip,

Attached is the code you asked for in version 7.1 format.

NIUK and Ireland

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Thank you so much. I really appreciate it.
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I'm trying to figure out how to put a marker on the map at the specified coordinates.  Any ideas?

Thanks in advance!

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Hi James

I downloaded you're vi's for making a .kml file.
I am using a CompactRIo with Gxxx gps/gprs module. This module provides me NMEA gps data. I'm trying to track my Crio in GE, is it possible to get my gps data in your vi so i can write a .kml file?
Maybey you can help me.

Regards Folkert
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Hate to start posting in this thread after so much inactivity, not sure if anyone will reply (please do if you can help!) but i have a problem specific to the Google_Earth-App_80.lib file so here it goes


 I'm trying to run Google Earth - but it comes up with an error for Google Earth - Get Co-ords from screen Specifically, it says that there is bad linkage to method information from the invoke node.


I havn't toyed with the VIs at all. Opening the file straight from the library gave me this error. Anybody know what is up? 

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I found the problem. It seems that they have changed the way the data is presented. I modified the Get Co-ords vi to call a method after the invoke to provide the lat\long for screen position. In the orignial API the coordinates were presented as a variant and had to be converted to an array of doubles. The new API uses the method to provide the raw data.


With the X/Y set to zero you are getting the coordinates of the center of the map display. I have saved it as LV8.2. if you need another version let me know and I'll re post.



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