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Google Earth With LabVIEW 8.0?

Hi Robin,

Thanks for the API I will look in to that. Regarding the Application instance to not be working, this seems strange as it works on my machine. In any event the IKHinterface gives more features at the moment that I could find, but according to your documentation I need to update to using the Application interface.

I will give that a go and see if I can replicate the feature set I am using under the KHinterface

NIUK and Ireland

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This is some exciting stuff - make sure you submit your final examples to!

LabVIEW also supports the Web Service interface in Windows - it's built in for LabVIEW 8.20, although there is a download here you can use for LabVIEW 8.0.

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I added a minor change to the library.  I added a 'Load KML File' VI that can be used to load an xml file used by Google Earth for placemark (pushpin) data.  The documentation to the KML format is here:

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Hello everybody,

i want to integrate gps-data to google earth. thatfor i want to translate the GPRMC-string from the gps-data to .kml-files.

i was wondering if anybody has done that before and could give me some hints or some clues how to realize this in a smart way.


so far thank you for your help.


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Hi Maze,

Please can you tell us what the GPRMC-string data looks like so we can see if we can integrate it into KML files.

What would be best is if you could give us a GPRMC-string and then find that location with Google Earth, and save a placemark to create a KML file. That way if you can send it then we can play with the string data and see if we can find an method of creating the KML data.

What you might also want to consider is the 2 files attached, these convert from Sexagesimal degrees (hours minutes seconds) to decimal degrees which Google Earth uses in the activeX interface.

I tried submitting these as a example program but it was reject as they don't show advanced programming techniques, they just provide a limited function. I will probably add them to a KB or to the Google Earth example program I am creating.

NIUK and Ireland

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this is some information about the nmea protocol.
in my vi i write the gprmc string from the gps signal into a *.txt file. then id like to add each position into a *kml file to view the route i drove.

hope this makes things a little more clear.
cya maze
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Hi Maze,

Can you please post one of these txt files. It is all very well knowing the data format, but test data is also needed to see if the implementation is done correctly.

I probably won't be able to work on this in earnest until Tuesday when I am back in the UK and at work, but if you can provide some test files I will give it a go.

NIUK and Ireland

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here is one text file.
what i tried to realize and did not get to work yet, is to make a track out of the data and use the speed (which is a part of the gps data) as the hight of the track, so it looks 3d in google earth.
hope you can help me...
thx already
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Hi Maze,

Sorry for taking so long on this, but I have not been happy with what I have, I feel there should be a better way of getting this information.

Please can you look at it and see if it will do what you need. I think there is a offset somewhere in the East/West plane. Can you tell me if this is the case?

Does what I have here do what you are looking for in principle?

You should get a KML file from this program which you can open in Google Earth to plot.

NIUK and Ireland

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Hey, thx for your effort. the problem is that it is that you saved the files for labview version 8.2 and i only have version 8.0.
please save the files for my version then i can check if your solution is what i need.
thank you very much again!
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