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Global replace between global sheets?

My application has grown slowly. And gradually my global variable sheet has grown far too large to display on one screen. A well-known bad idea.

I would like to re-factor my program by moving a subset of these globals to a new, second global sheet. But a lot of them are referenced in many places, and I cannot find a way to do a global-replace of "Volumes" on Globals with "Volumes" on Globals Is there any mechanism to do this? Even a third-party solution?

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What do you mean by "global sheet"?  I've never heard of that term with LabVIEW before.

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Regarding "global sheet", I'd suspect the meaning is the global VI expanded to full screen (or whatever is considered an allowable maximum size) now still requires scroll bars to see the collection of variables.


As to moving to a second global VI, you can certainly do that, but I wouldn't expect there are any built-in tools to help you.


A better option (given the likelyhood of manual intervention) is to check that you really need so many global variables. Could you consider changing your architecture to use more direct data-passing methods (value, notifier, queue, refnum as needed, etc?)


Obviously this depends on your code, and to a certain extent your target (globals seem to be more common on FPGA, for example) but it might simplify managing your code (and particularly aid in any future changes, especially with careful use of typedefs, etc).

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"Hey boss, I need a bigger monitor"

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