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Pulse counting - waveform construction

Hi everyone, 
I have a signal from an interferometer, this signal is almost like a sawtooth(who changes form positive ramp to negative ramp)
I need to generate a wavefrom from this signal, every time that a positive ramp is counted the waveform needs to be incremented 0,01 and each time that a negative ramp is counted the waveform needs to be decremented 0,01.

to simplify the signal i was thinking in derivate the sawtooth in order to have pulses and make more easy the proccessing, so in this case a positive pulse means an increment, and a negative one a decrement.

How could i make the pulse counting and waveform construction?

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Still you can use your previous Logic of Incrementing for both positive and negative ramp.

You need to maintain two different data variable which will hold two different ramp data's(Postive and Negative)


My Suggestion "To Provide Better suggestion its always better to share the developed code snippet and related data."

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Hi Palanivel, thanks for your time.
please find attached the signal, as the signal sometimes gets noisy and also the ramp time is changes according an external signal i thinking in apply a low pass filter and then derivate the signal, that could be a good way to become independent of external variations

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May I ask what you want to measure, and how you do it?

Your signal looks a bit like classial Michelson setup with a single PD (photodiode)..

But reminds me more to a phase wrapped signal...


Classical approaches would be a homodyne IF (Wollaston prism, 2 PD)

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