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Generate Interrupt / Event with the state of logical input on PXI-6515 possible ?

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I'm locking for a solution for checking the state of an logical input of one PXI-6515 input (this one give the state of the inverte plug on the machine).

I check it every second but i would like to know if it's not possible to "regesiter" an event on this input state and generate this event at each state change ?

I see it's possible to générate VISA event ...but haow to link it to a pxi input ?

I use Ni Switch executive ....i see some trigger vi but i don't understand if it's possible to link this on my PXi-6515 input ?


Thank you so much for the help !


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You can use Digital Change Detection. See How Do I Handle Digital Change Detection Events In LabVIEW?

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Hello, Thank you so much ! it's exactly the (yeyword) i need ! I will try this now !

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